"You can’t sing One Day More on your own…"


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Norse Mythology

Everyone: LOKI NO
Loki: Okay yeah, Loki no.


Captain America

I had this all colored and looking nice and then the file corrupted and now I’m upset. So here’s just the lineart because IDK if I’ll ever wanna bother trying to color it again.

I think I made Steve too tall… Eeeeeeeeeh.

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really important doodle 


really important doodle 

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bucky doing chores around steve’s apartment is my favorite



they’re sewing peggy some curtains

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PTSD: The Soldier’s Diaries
Bucky Barnes and his dog |Day 3


PTSD: The Soldier’s Diaries

Bucky Barnes and his dog |Day 3

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Chris Evans, he’s actually just a very, very sensitive guy. You don’t notice that immediately because he’s so muscular and strong. But he’s actually very delicate. You have to approach him very carefully and almost protect him as you work. He’s an extremely intelligent guy. And he also looks at a film from the director’s point of view. He’s also a director. So sometimes he’s just very, very focused and into the scene as an actor…But then other times he’ll [step] 10 feet back and see the whole situation as a director and come up with ideas or give his input. So he had this interesting way of going in really, really deep then also being able to step back.

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49-50/? photos of this Romanian angel Sebastian Stan (✿ ♥‿♥)

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3-4 / 50 favorite pictures of Chris Evans

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Happy 59th Anniversary, Disneyland! 

59 years ago, today, the entertainment world was deftly changed with the debut of Disneyland. The first popular theme park to feature thematic environments and that strived to meet guest expectations in service and quality, Disneyland quickly became a cultural standpoint, not only in America, but around the world. Walt Disney’s great dream of making thematic and fantastic environments real has now endured for almost 6 decades and continues to impress, excite, and inspire all who come to that happy place. 

Happy 59, Disneyland!! 

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Celebrating 59 years for the Happiest Place on Earth

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